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In a disruptive era we’re living in, attention let alone engagement, is scarce. As a result, brands became more competitive in crafting content to capture it, including videos. But the challenge now is, creating quality video content takes time, creativity, and expertise. 

Video is now one of the best content mediums generating the greatest engagement. Did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. This shows what an important role videos play in marketing, advertising and online visibility. 

Sagely offer video creation services, serving small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to enhance their brand image, raise brand awareness and increase customer engagement

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Your Powerful Way of Building Trust

Show them the how and you’ll hold the crowd’s loyalty, forever! 

Your brand’s ultimate promise is nothing without getting someone using it, and that’s where video comes to the stage. According to a study, 83% of consumers would trust a brand marketing itself through videos. This is because video advertising builds an emotional audience connection on a more convincing level. 

And while there are other content forms in this ever-evolving online marketing space, video remains as one of the powerful tools in building trust. Video creation services in Sydney and around Australia are growing in popularity as individuals and brands wanting to share their stories online grow exponentially. 

 Sagely is your local video content agency. We’ll help you create powerful videos that are authentic, engaging, and easy to watch and help you use these to market your brand.

Express Your Cause Beyond Text and Images

The influence of videos is rooted in its ability to demonstrate to your audience what “the promised land” should look like. People love to witness more than just reading about it. As humans, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That means when someone sees a video, they’re far more likely to remember it than by only reading. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words, then, video reveals the actual tale. 

In fact in 2021, 94% of people that regularly use the internet consume video content. And in that percentage, a whopping 82% say that they would rather watch a video than read. If executed correctly, video will improve your brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions in a way that text or images simply cannot. It could be the difference between your business being forgotten and recognised. Now if you’re needing a one-of-a-kind video marketing content, our passionate video content agency based in Sydney can get you started. 

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Boost Your Social Media, Email Marketing, and SEO Efforts

Video amplifies your social media, SEO, and email marketing endeavours to establish and strengthen your business-customer relationships. Social media channels and email platforms give an easy way to share your video ads. This way you can increase viewers and eventually monetise it. Moreover, the search engine is in love with videos so your site has a higher chance to rank when you publish more of them.

At Sagely  our video content team based in Sydney has skilled video editors, animators, and producers to help you tell your story, craft engaging videos, and edit them into suitable video formats. This is to give your target audience a seamless experience in all your online channels. 

Fearlessly Strut Your Personality

When your viewers see your authenticity, they will be more likely to believe your message. Videos can help you show off your personality, genuinely communicate and engage in front of the camera.  People don’t want anything fake, and when you have a video content that reflects that, you’ll magnetise the right people. Same way goes for your brand. The moment your videos show the real deal, your brand gets the engagement, conversions and reputation it deserves.  

To succeed, it is vital to have the concept, strategy and capability to make the needle move. Our video content agency in Sydney, Sagely,  can help you with all these. Spare yourself from draining your time and energy in video production as we’re happy to offer a free quote so you can start. 

Achieve Impressive ROI

Video marketing gives a good stretch to your content dollars and increases ROI.  It isn’t the easiest or cheapest marketing tool. Still, it’s totally worth it, as over 80% of businesses say video content generates a good ROI. To support, Hubspot mentions that including video content on your landing page can boost conversions by up to 80%. In three steps: create, upload and monetise. Once your videos are uploaded to your channel, the income will be evergreen. 

And while it sounds easy, there’s the video ideation and optimisation that takes away your time, energy and resources. Well, you can do it yourself or you can let Sagely, with our video content agency in Sydney, pull that lever so you can focus more on catching the bigger fish: growing your business. 

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